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    Readymix Bond

  • Readymix Bond

    Ready Mix Bond is a single component acrylic based, bonding agent for cementitious materials. It is a water based, specially formulated to enhance bonding properties as well as improve mechanical strengths of plaster mixes when incorporated with mixing water

    Ready Mix Bond also reduces shrinkage cracks during early stages of cement hardening by minimizing surface water loss in fresh applied mixes. Ready Mix Bond is ideal for use with variety of sand/ cement based mixes. Ready Mix Bond can be diluted on site with potable water for desired applications.

    • Multipurpose usage.
    • Can be used as bonding agent & admixture.
    • Enhances bonding of plaster, sand/cement screed, renders etc.
    • Improves hydration & curing when added to cement based mixes.
    • Improves compression strength & abrasion.
    • It adheres well to various construction materials, including concrete, stone, etc.
    • Ensure brighter & long lasting colour to architectural finishes.
    • Reduces shrinkage & cracks.
    • Bonds fresh concrete to hardened concrete.
    • Excellent adhesive / primer for bonding fresh cementitious patching material.
    • Works as admixture with plaster, lime/sand cement screeds, renders, mortars and cement grouts.
    • Works as bonding agent and can be sprayed or brushed on green substrates to improve bonding of plasters, patching compounds. Renders, mortars, joint tape fixing etc.
    • Ready Mix Bond can be used for both for internal and external applications..
    • Bearing casting of heavy machinery, Column, Crane Rails.
    • Repairing of concrete structure to restore and seal cracks in concrete structures such as wall, floors, columns, beams, waterways, pavements and other mineral / cement bound substrates.
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    • 20kg bag
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