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    New Stylish Bond

  • New Stylish Bond

    Stile Bond is a high performance cementitious mortar to be mixed with Latex 73 or water for fixing ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stones using thin-set method of installation

    Latex-73 is specially designed to be used with Stile Bond for even higher strength, resistance to water and frost.

    • Non-shrink and low creep properties with Rapid Strength gain.
    • Chemical and abrasion resistant with high mechanical properties
    • Designed to withstand dynamic load, impact and vibration
    • Low exothermic
    • Excellent waterproofing properties
    • Long pot life formulation for extended working time.
    • Moisture insensitive – can be applied to dry or damp substrate
    • Excellent adhesive for bonding steel, ceramic, wood, concrete and most construction material.
    • Bonds fresh concrete to hardened concrete.
    • Excellent adhesive / primer for bonding fresh cementitious patching material.
    • Base plate grouting, Anchor Bolt & Square Pockets
    • Pile Cap Encapsulation, Bedding of Industrial Equipment, Rebars etc.
    • Assembling of Precast Panels, Grip-filling.
    • Bearing casting of heavy machinery, Column, Crane Rails.
    • Repairing of concrete structure to restore and seal cracks in concrete structures such as wall, floors, columns, beams, waterways, pavements and other mineral / cement bound substrates.
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    • 20 kg paper bag
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